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Subway Bus
Buchanan Street


Advertising at SPT locations is an effective way to reach a large audience of commuters, travellers and shoppers.

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There are numerous options to choose from: posters in Subway and bus stations, ads on escalators and gates, as well as high-definition projections and direct marketing facilities.

Advertising on the Subway and at Buchanan Bus Station is managed for SPT by Global.

To find out more about advertising opportunities please contact Global: By phone on 0333 200 6000.
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Advertising opportunities

Advertising campaigns on the SPT Subway allow you to reach a unique audience of commuters and shoppers.

Global’s campaigns are designed to achieve impact across the entire network and effectively reach the majority of the travelling audience. This includes 35% who are commuting to work, 30% shopping, 21% using the Subway for getting to entertainment facilities around the city and 14% for travelling to and from universities.

Displays can be used to target retail outlets, shopping centres, cinemas etc, allowing direct communication with an audience close to point of sale.

Formats available include posters (12, 6 and 4-sheet), escalator panels, carriage cards, vinyl-wrapped trains and digital 6 sheet displays. Scope for creative branding also extends to upholstered seats, interior vinyls, tunnel mouths, floor vinyls, pillars, ticket backs and hanging banners.

Buchanan Bus Station can offer advertising opportunities for companies wishing to target the 40,000 passengers per day that travel through the facility. The bus station is located in the heart of Glasgow and is a showcase transport facility in terms of design and quality.

The bus station is in close proximity to Buchanan Galleries shopping centre – the biggest and most exclusive in Glasgow.

Key audiences include commuters and shoppers who use this facility on a daily basis. The Glasgow International and Glasgow Prestwick Airport bus links terminate at this station, which means you will also be reaching an audience of international travellers.